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Acro is a high-intensity class with many aspects for students to constantly work on and constantly strive to achieve. With our qualified acro arts teachers, the class is structured to focus on five different aspects of acro to help progressively with skills and also for the safety of the students while learning. These areas include flexibility, strength, balancing, limbering and tumbling. It is a fun and inclusive class which is very focused on the students goals individually and as a class, with the constant encouragement and support from their teachers and classmates. These will classes perform one routine in the end of year concert.

Classes from 5yrs+ ‌


Contemporary is an interpretive and expressive form of dance. This is a great class for learning how the body moves and the relationship between our bodies and the space around us. Students will learn contemporary fundamentals throughout from beginner to advanced skills to develop this interpretive style. Contemporary is a very unique genre that can range from classical, to modern, to commercial kinds of movement. Like ballet, this genre is a good fundamental to many other styles of dance and can assist in progress from all. These classes will perform one routine in the end of year concert.

Classes from 8yrs+


Lyrical is a great emotionally expressive style that allows students to explore free movement. Students will learn control and work on understanding how to enhance the quality of their movement through emotional or relative life experiences. There is lots to learn technically / physically and understand mentally in this genre, but it is one that is beautiful to watch and perform. This class ranges from a moderate to high intensity pace and is such a free, expressive and educational genre to experience. These classes will perform one routine in the end of year concert.

Classes from 8yrs+


Ballet is a structured and disciplined genre. Students learn classical mannerisms and techniques on and off the barre, whilst also being educated through the terminology that follows. The class levels include juniors, inters and seniors. As ballet students approach the inters and seniors age bracket they begin to work on pre-pointe strengthening techniques which gets them strong and technically ready for pointe work in senior classes. Ballet is a genre that is very elegant and a strong foundation to many dance styles. These classes will perform one routine in the end of year concert.

Classes from 5yrs+


Hiphop is a high energy style that embraces freestyle and street dance fundamentals. Students are taught street dance terminology and technical grooves / movements which assist in progressing their hiphop style and using their body in many different and stylistic ways. Hiphop is a class that always ignites an inspiring and positive vibe for students to learn from. This class allows students to express their own style and is always a good time with friends, peers and their teachers. These classes perform one routine in the end of year concert.

Classes from 8yrs+


The musical theatre classes cover the three parts of this genre of performance - singing, dancing and acting. Every year the classes work towards a mid year MiniMusical performance. Our students perform in a theatre venue with full costuming, makeup and technical. This is the perfect supplement to our series of dance classes as we challenge our performers in a different way. It is a fun, creative space and gives the opportunity to students to experience the 'real world' of musical theatre. This class is also great for confidence and expanding knowledge and performance repertoire. These classes all perform one medley piece in the end of year concert.

Classes from 5yrs+


Technique is a super individualistic environment where the class is focused on self-development and the progress/goals of each individual student. While progressing from basics advanced techniques for all genres, the focus is primarily on what stage each student is at and what they need in order to succeed in achieving personal goals and keeping them eager and determined to strive for more. This class is highly recommended for all ages and levels, even dancers that want to pursue preprofessional dance experiences. This class is a non-performance class, therefore there is no showcase routine for this genre.


Cheerdance is a combination of cheerleading aspects and dance. This is a very energetic class that works on the fundamentals of cheer such as fitness, strength, stunting and tumbling skills. Students work on teamwork and communication with each other, as these are very vital skills for this kind of class. This class is always fun and educational to be apart of as students are always learning, working towards goals and working with friends, peers and their teacher closely. Cheerdance and Cheerdance Advanced both require students to be doing a jazz class as a prerequisite. These classes will perform one routine in the end of year concert.

Classes from 8yrs+


Jazz is a very good foundational class that can help students progressively build technique, coordination and musicality. Students will learn different styles of jazz such as broadway, modern and commercial techniques .Jazz is the perfect genre to start in if you are looking at just starting dance or even just to keep up skills for more advanced dancers. Depending on class levels, this class can vary from a moderate to high intensity and is a very upbeat, motivational and fun environment to be apart of. Junior level classes will perform one routine in the end of year concert and any inter or senior jazz classes will perform two routines.

Classes from 5yrs+


Tap is a form of dance characterised by using the sounds of tap shoes striking the floor as a form of percussion. It is a fun and challenging class which improves musicality and coordination. This class involves strengthening of the legs, feet and ankles, across the floor progressions to assist with timing and progressive techniques and choreography to help students understand the relation/combination of tap within choreography. Tap is a super unique and fun genre to be apart of and is a great addition to a dancers repertoire. These classes perform one routine in the end of year concert.

Classes from 5yrs+



A class for 2 - 4 year olds to learn to dance and develop key life skills in a healthy, sociable, caring and safe environment. Students explore the aspects of ballet or tap and jazz through movement, song and musical instruments. This program is a great start to their dance journey with lots of special friends and skills learnt along the way. These classes perform one routine in the end of year concert.


This program is the brain-child of dynamic duo Samson Smith and Chantal Curmi. They co-founded this program to teach the youngsters what they are incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about: Hip Hop, Breaking and performing. This is the only Street dance program that teaches the ever-evolving form of underground art - authentic hip hop and Breaking. Hip-hop is not just any other dance-form that can be learned from counting the steps. Authentic hip-hop dance requires the knowledge of its culture, expressions, understanding of beats, lyrical game, and ability to send a collective message through dance. We don’t only teach hip-hop and breaking through our program though, we also teach students to be socially confident, resilient and bold leaders who embrace a growth mindset and positively develop skills to succeed in and outside of their studio. Dance and music plays a significant role in early social development and our program helps students to reach each milestone with confidence." Samson Smith & Chantal Curmi, Founders of Lil Groovers & Groovsters. This class will perform one routine in the concert.


A program structured specifically for adults over 50yrs. We offer classes in Tap, Jazz, Ballet and specialist workshops each term for exposure and experience in other genres. These classes are casual so it is not a requirement to attend every lesson. Our Beats students have a great time sharing their love for dance, as well as socialising and forming friendships. Our beats program is a very caring, safe and nurturing space full of good times, laughs and reigniting the love for dance. This class is a non performance class, therefore there is no showcase routine for this genre.