WASS Family Words

In 2013, my daughter started dancing at WA Stage School. It was the Mini-Mites class with Shirelle on a Thursday morning. It was a Jazz/Hip hop and Tap class for 2-4 year olds. The children had so much fun during every class and as parents seeing the joy on their little faces was absolutely priceless. The Mini-Mites class was a fantastic class as there were no pressures to perform or know all the routines perfectly. It was purely about having fun, sharing the love of dance and having the best time with your little friends at the end of year concert. We are so grateful for the Mini-Mites class and we couldn't imagine life without dance.
I just wanted to say this is our first year where my daughter has danced with your dance school. She has loved every class and your end of your concert was AMAZING! I have never witnessed an end of year dance concert like it. The smooth transition between dances was amazing!Such a credit to all involved.
Just wanted to say a huge thanks for another amazing concert.It is always a great event and this year was no exception. It was great to see some added diversity with the additional genres, which were very entertaining. Thanks for looking after all out kids and not just teaching them how to dance, but also very valuable life skills – resilience, determination, commitment and working as a team to start with.