The school is led by the Director Renae O’Neill. We have 2 branches in the metro area Booragoon and our main studio (Head Office) Malaga.

WA Stage School is a recreational, no competitive performance school in WA for students to attend a fun, relaxed environment to be taught a variety of classes with no exam pressure and easy costuming.


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CLASSES - Full Year Commitment



  • All NEW students receive ONE free trial lesson. We also offer an open week where students can trial any additional classes they are interested in for the following year.



  • Invoices will be emailed prior to commencement of each term.  These also can be viewed in your customer portal at any time



  • We offer a White, Yellow, Black or All Stars monthly all-inclusive package (Refer to Website for further description)
    These packages INCLUDES
    • Class Fees
    • Admin & License Fees
    • Rehearsal Fees
    • Concert Video ($55 Vimeo / $60 Blu-Ray)
    • Costume Deposit ($50 per class) ($100 Cabaret Classes)

    (Parents can opt in to increase these figures if they wish)

    • WASS Open Week Access
    • Google Classroom & Dancebiz Portal Access
    • Concert Participation Certificate.


    • Uniform Items
    • Concert Items (Stockings etc.)
    • Remaining Costume Balance (If applicable)
  • Should your child decide not to continue, the parent / guardian is required to notify us immediately. Failure to do so will result in fees to continually being charged until such confirmation of their non-return is received.
  • If a class is cancelled by WASS you will be credited accordingly on your account.


  • An annual once off administration fee of $30 per student is applied to your Term 1 Invoice.
  • If enrolling later in the year this fee is calculated pro-rata of commencement.
  • This fee covers insurance, administration and music licensing costs.
  • All students will have access to their routines, class music & any other class videos that are taken for students.


  • A $20 non-refundable enrolment fee is paid to retain a placement in your registered class/es.
  • This includes new students and existing students of the school.
  • This fee is paid on enrolment.


  • Once a student has been enrolled, all classes in that term are charged and must be paid for, regardless of whether they attend or not.  This includes absences due to sickness, school events (i.e. camps, co-curriculum activities, etc) and family vacations.
    Advance written notice is required for family vacations exceeding more than 2 weeks.
  • Invoices are issued in the parent’s name.
  • Payment is kindly accepted via cash, credit card or direct debit. 

Credit cards incur a 1% surcharge.

  • All inclusive options require monthly payments via direct debit.
  • All uniform and accessory invoices are to be paid on ordering or on collection.
  • All costume invoices are to be paid prior to the concert photo days.
  • All other outstanding invoices are to be paid in TERM 4 prior to the end of year concert.


  • If term fees have not been paid by the end of each term, a $20 late payment fee will be applied at the end of each term until the full payment, including the late fee, has been received.
  • This does not include customers on monthly direct debits.



  • All students are required to wear a uniform set out by the school.

  • Uniforms can only be purchased through the school at the main studio in Malaga or Attadale.

  • A list of uniform requirements for each class is on our website under our enrolment tab.

  • Ensure all uniform items are clearly labeled with your Childs name on it.


Our end of year concert is a very exciting time for all the students involved to showcase their hard work to their parents, families and friends on what they have worked hard at all year.  We take pride in our end of year concerts and all teachers involved try to make this a professional, fun and exciting time for the children.

Concerts are conducted in Term 4.

Please read the following guidelines to acknowledge your commitment for the year:

  • As WA Stage School has 2 branches in the metro area the concerts are conducted over 2 nights in November.  Watch out for notices advising of dates and venue for your branch concert or checkout our Website.
  • All students will perform a minimum of 1 routine.
  • Failure to attend classes on a regular basis may result in your child being excluded from one or more of the routines at the teachers’ discretion.
  • All parents / students are responsible for doing their own hair and make up for the concert.
  • Extra accessories may be required to be purchased for your child prior to the concert.  Refer to the concert accessory list.

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to copyright & child protection laws, you are NOT permitted to take your own video or any photography in the auditorium during the concert or rehearsals.  Please be fair to the performers.


  • We offer a Hassle-free costume system.  The costuming is all done for you.  Only some light Hand Sewing or pinning may be required on your behalf.
  • All sizing, designs and materials purchased are conducted at the commencement of Term 3.
  • As Cabaret students also perform in a Mid Year Performance, all hire fees will be calculated at a reduced cost for this performance only.
  • Costume hire fee includes, cost of hire, maintenance, cleaning and replacement (if required).

PLEASE NOTE:  Costume invoices must be paid prior to photo day. Students will be required to return their costumes once they are finished at photo day if no payment has been received.


  • A professional, 4K quality Video is taken on the concert night and is available for purchase plus postage if necessary.
  • A professional photographer is present during Photo day. Single, family and group shots are conducted during this time and available for purchase via their website. Stage Shots are also taken and available for purchase.      


  • Tickets are purchased via Try Booking. A direct link from the WA Stage School website will also be available.
  • To avoid disappointment, it is recommended that tickets are purchased as soon as possible when they become available.
  • Door Sales are Limited.  (If not sold out)
  • As no parents are required backstage, you will be required to purchase a ticket for yourself.
  • Students performing do not require a ticket as they remain backstage during the duration of the concert.


  • Classes will continue until end of the school year.
  • During this time students will be continuing their education in dance.
  • This will also provide the teacher an opportunity to confirm the students’ skills to ensure they are in the correct class for the following year.


  • Please ensure that your child is appropriately dressed in their uniform and punctual to class.
  • It is preferred that parents either wait for their children in the car or return to the studio to collect their child when class has finished.
  • Parents requiring to speak to the TIC (Teacher in Charge) please do so quickly before commencement of your child’s class.  If this is not suitable, please contact the studio reception and they will hopefully be able to assist.
  • All enquiries are to be directed to our Reception.


  • Any photos or video footage taken by the WA Stage School during the year including Mid Year Cabaret Performance and our Annual End of Year Concerts, may be used for website or marketing purposes unless otherwise advised by the parent / guardian. By enrolling in WASS you have agreed to allow us to use you and your child’s images for publication by WASS

WASS accepts no responsibility for students who misuse our social media links. Please report to management of any misuse you may be aware of.


  • All teachers have basic first aid training provided by the school.
  • Any injuries incurred by a student during class will be conducted accordingly.
  • If the injury incurred is major the parent will be phoned immediately.
  • An incident report will be completed by the Teacher involved and sent to the studio for recording.  A copy will also be sent to the parent of the student involved.



  • All branches of the WA Stage School have full Public Liability Insurance.
  • The school has also relevant music licenses such ONE MUSIC to cover all music copyright and listening requirements.
  • All Teachers over the age of 16 have acquired a Working with Children card, which is required by law.


We follow the recommended government guidelines in relation to COVID-19:

  • SafeWA Check in’s are visible at our reception.
  • Hand sanitizers are placed at the entry of reception as well as each studio.
  • Teachers are fully vaccinated
  • The studios are sanitized annually


Refer to our website for our COVID Safety Plans